Scinece and Technology
Science and Technology Journls from Turkey
International Recent Advances in Science and Technology

Engineering Journls from India
Intenational Journal of Applicable Engineering & Technology
International Journal of Archives of Research in Engineering & Technology
Internationa Journal of Present Research in Engineering & Technology

Antarctica Journal of Bioengineering
Antarctica Journal of Biotechnology Antarctica Journal of Civil Engineering
Antarctica Journal of Chemical Engineering
Antarctica Journal of Computer Engineering
Antarctica Journal of Software Engineering
Antarctica Journal of Electronics Engineering
Antarctica Journal of Electrical Engineering
Antarctica Journal of Information Technology
Antarctica Journal of Mechanical Engineering

Engineering Journals from Tanzania
International Tanzanian Journal of Circuits and Systems
International Tanzanian Journal of Signal Processing
Engineering Journals from Thailand
International Journal of Mechatronics Science
International Journal of Mechatronics and Control
International Journal of Mechatronics and Robotics

Chemistry Journls from India
Avogadro Journal of Chemistry
Mendeleev Journal of Chemistry
Rutherford Journal of Chemistry

English Journls from India
Arctic Journal of English
John Milton Journal of English

Mathematics Journls from China
Internationa Journal of Mathematics and Nature
International Journal of Young Mathematicians

Mathematics Journls from Egypt
International Egyptian Journal of Mathematics

Mathematics Journls from India
Antarctica Journal of Mathematics
Archimedes Journal of Mathematics Bessel Journal of Mathematics
Cayley Journal of Mathematics Diophantus Journal of Mathematics Galois Journal of Mathematics
Zadeh Journal of Mathematics

Mathematics Journls from Turkey
Esi Journal of Pure Mathematics
Esi Turkish Journal of Pure Mathematics

International Kars Journal of Mathematics